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Debindo Mitra Tama Stems from Debindo Multi Adhiswasti, Surabaya Branch that has been doing exhibitions as well as the event executing more than 100 times in East Java and Eastern Indonesia Professional Event Organizer in Surabaya purely from Surabaya.

Debindo Mitra Tama is the integration of Debindomulti Adhiswasti (Debindo) and Dyandra Promosindo (Dyandra). Debindo is the market leader in events focus on Furniture, Crafts, Building Materials and Property with several icon events such as Indobuildtech, REI and Real Estate Ekspo, Indocraft and Icra. The organizer established in 1987 and since then has organized more than 360 high profile events. Debindo also have years of experiences in organizing national and international scale event held by various departments and ministries in Indonesia.

Dyandra in the other hand is an organizer trademark in Automotive, Information Technology and Creative Industries related event established in 1994. Dyandra has organized more than 200 events and currently organizing the largest automotive events in South-East Asia; The Indonesian Motor Show (accredited by IOCA). As the symbol of innovation and creativity, Dyandra was well-known throughout the nation as the creator for several ground-breaking events in IT and photography, and a pioneer for a modern event management in Indonesia.

Debindo Mitra Tama Starting from the property exhibition which later developed batik & fashion exhibition, tourism fair, furniture fair, building material technology, etc., and working with partners to established associations, institutions, agencies make Debindo Mitra Tama as a reliable exhibitors Organizer for the provincial and district / city, state-owned enterprises, private sector , and Society.

The climax was the ”JATIM FAIR” Which held by DMT with a partner, making this exhibition as the largest multI-Product exhibition in Eastern Indonesia.

Like wise, later expanding exhibition to other regions such as Bali and Yogyakarta makes DMT more professional and experienced EO position.

Vision :
Being trusted and proven ability Professional Exhibition Organizer in Eastern Indonesia

Mission :

Making every exhibition is managed professionally and satisfying customers


Debindo Mitra Tama is more than just an event organizer. We position ourselves as bridge for our costumers both buyers and suppliers; as a relationship media to support, maximize and expand their business and network, through a synergy and integrated exhibition, conference, features and sponsorship opportunities.

Innovation and New Standard of Quality

The integration of Debindo and Dyandra will energize the research and development team. With the combination of the two companies, the standard will be boost up and we believe Debindo Mitra Tama will create new standard in event organizing in Indonesia.

Comprehensive Event Portfolios

The high profile and quality of Debindo and Dyandra event’s portfolios has resulted into the recognized leadership of both companies. Combined, Debindo Mitra Tama offers a full range of the highest quality event to industries ranging from Construction, Furniture and Crafts, Property, Automotive, Entertainment, Information Technology to Creative Industry.

Extensive Channel Coverage

The emerged Debindo Mitra Tama will have the strongest sales and services organization. The two teams will be now working closely together, combining and expanding the company’s business and marketing channel, and at the end providing only the best for you.

Extensive Network Coverage

Over the years, Debindo and Dyandra have established branch offices and networks in major cities in Indonesia. The combination of Two Powerful Companies will expand Debindo Mitra Tama’s network coverage and provides wider promotion area and services to benefits you.

Two biggest organizers, one Debindo Mitra Tama. The combination of the experiences, expertise, networks, innovations, technology and modern event management will create new era of professional event management in Indonesia. From now the standard will be drawn higher and the future of the exhibition industry in Indonesia will be change forever.

There is so much that we can do, it’s limitless. It’s definitely, unlimited.

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